1.    All personal data and personal identification codes of the user, posted on the Portal, are secured in accordance to regulation of Republic of Latvia.

2.    LLC "SALAS ZIVIS" undertaked to collect and save only those personal data, which are necessary for LLC "SALAS ZIVIS" to impliment commercial activities. LLC "SALAS ZIVIS" undertakes to ensure the correctness and completenessof processing data.

3.    By registering on the Portal and/or using the Portal, user agrees , that LLC "SALAS ZIVIS" processes personal data and identification codes of the relevant user under the Personal Data Protection Act.

4.    The head of processing of personal data and personal identification codes of users is - LLC "SALAS ZIVIS". Registracion  number is – 40003440742, legal address – Lidonu str. 6c, Riga, LV-1055, Latvia.

5.    The purpose of processing personal data and personal identification codes of users is to provide communication between users and LLC "SALAS ZIVIS", the provision / order of goods / services , selection of advertising materials, that are in user’s interest, protection of legitimate interest and rights of LLC "SALAS ZIVIS".

6.    The user knows and agrees, that on the Portal can be posted and sent to user, advertising materials by third-party.

7.    LLC "SALAS ZIVIS", stores information , received from an Internet browser (including IP-address, files cookie) and mobile advices of user (for example – device models, operating system, parameters, network operator, location. Etc.,). A file cookie is a small text file created by a home page that is stored on a computer or mobile device. LLC "SALAS ZIVIS", uses such cookie files, to improve the work of the Portal and analytical cookie files (for analyzing the work of the Portal and increasing its usability for users), file cookies settings (for the user device to remember language settings, etc.) geographic cookie files (to offer content that matches the user’s region). Cookie files can only be read on the home page for which they are created, but the user may refuse to accept cookie files on all or specific home pages in his or her Internet browser or mobile device.

8.    LLC "SALAS ZIVIS", has the right to collect and publish information about the user community without any identification of specific user and the disclosure of their personal data (for example, research, analysis of data, information of income, etc). Also LLC "SALAS ZIVIS", may collect data to improve functionality of the Portal: this may include (not only) promotional offers, prepared in accordance to past users purchases, that were provided to the user on-line or by e-mail in accordance with normative acts requirement.

9.    By registering on the POrtal or using the Portal, user confirms that he/she knows and agrees that LLC "SALAS ZIVIS", has the right to transfer the personal data of the relevant user in the following cases:

9.1. to other persons, is LLC "SALAS ZIVIS" received user’s agreement;

9.2. to other persons, if personal data of the user should be transfered with the purpose of delivery  of goods or providing servises ordered by the user;

9.3. state institutions, if LLC "SALAS ZIVIS" received relevant request in accordance to procedures established by Latvian Republic normative acts;

9.4. law enforcement agencies/third parties , if the user has indebtness to LLC "SALAS ZIVIS".