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Fish are vertebrates which live in water. In the wide water world there are approximately 22,000 fish species. Three quarters of them inhabit the seas and oceans, and the remaining quarter inhabits fresh water. With rare exceptions, fish inhabit all of earth’s water basins, and are fitted to different water environment conditions – from the equator to the poles, from ocean depths to mountain springs.

In our product range you will always find:


Chilled fish. This is fish stored at a temperature of 0 °C. At that temperature all the nutrients in fish are well preserved.


Cold smoked fish. Fish is smoked at a temperature of 20-40 °C; this process takes 15-16 days. This way smoked fish can be stored for a long time because of its high salt content. Usually fatty and salted fish is processed in this way.


Hot smoked fish. Fish is smoked at a temperature of 70-160 °C, and this process takes from half an hour to two hours. Fish prepared this way has a specific aroma and is very juicy, but with low salt content.


Pickled fish. Pickled fish is made from fresh, salted and frozen fish by adding a marinade. Usually this marinade is made of vinegar, salt and spices, or other substances usable for marinades.


Frozen fish. Frozen fish is stored at a temperature of -18 °C. The main advantage is that fish tissue sap, color and fat practically do not oxidize.

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