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Prawns shell-on

head-on, 20/30, cooked, 1 kg

Country of Origin: French Republic
Weight of the Package: varied


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Latin name – Pandalus borealis.

Shrimp is the smallest crustaceans marine residents. Shrimp divide into cold water and warm water shrimps. North Atlantic prawns have a fresh taste, they are in bright red color. Of this group supreme valuable is the Greenland shrimp because they live in the coldest waters and slowly grows and develops thus obtained acquires subtle taste. Cold-water shrimp mostly sold unclear (with the shell) and prepared (boiled). They can be cleaned and frozen, put up in a vacuum package.
Warm water shrimp found in the Mediterranean, Asian, African and Mexican coast. The cold-water prawns are biger and definitive. These products are more iodine. Warm water shrimp can be divided into deep-sea and freshwater shrimp population. The most popular type of warm water shrimp are Tiger shrimps. They are up to 33 cm long, and because to the color and stripes in appearance really reminds tigers. After boiling tiger becomes bright red.
The most delicious shrimp produced in the period from January to March. If the shrimp are fresh, their meat is salty, strong and gentle. Its color is clear, light red. Good-quality shrimp have almost no smell, if only the sea scent of freshness. Shrimp shell must be healthy, intact. Shrimp are perishable, after they are fished they immediately must be frozen.
These marine products quickly creates a feeling of satiety, but they are low in calories. Shrimp meat containing A, D, E, B 12, Omega 3 and Omega 6 vitamins and trace elements (cobalt, zinc, manganese, potassium, sodium, iodine, copper, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, etc.) that need to human live.
Shrimp do not flush, cook with all the shells in fresh water for no longer than 5 min. Overdone it becomes tough. Shrimp can also bake, steam, grill. Should not be used in preparing a sharp, specific spices, which inhibits the delicate taste of shrimp.


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